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Navy SEAL Who Inspired ‘Lone Survivor’ to Meet with Alabama Day Before Mississippi State Game

Marcus Luttrell

Marcus Luttrell, a retired Navy SEAL whose survival story inspired the box-office hit “Lone Survivor,” will meet with Alabama’s players Friday on the eve of the Crimson Tide’s showdown with No. 1 Mississippi State. Luttrell is also speaking Friday at Tuscaloosa’s Bama Theatre as part of his “Patriot Tour.” Alabama coach Nick Saban confirmed Luttrell would meet with the team during his weekly ...

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Animal Cruelty Conviction Upheld for Killer of Marcus Luttrell’s Dog

Marcus Luttrell

An intermediate appellate court in Waco has upheld the animal cruelty conviction of a Walker County man who killed the therapy dog that belonged to former Navy SEAL and best-selling author Marcus Luttrell. Luttrell, the Houston native who co-authored “Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Red Wings and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10,” was given a yellow ...

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Father of Fallen Red Wings SEAL Jacques Fontan Speaks About his Son

jacques fontan

“Even though you knew it was coming, nothing could prepare you for that moment,” Houma resident Earl Fontan said during a recent interview. Fontan was commenting on the new movie “Lone Survivor” based on a book that goes by the same name chronicling Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell’s remarkable survival story nine years ago deep in the mountains of Afghanistan during ...

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Author of Danny Dietz Biography Going on Tour

danny dietz

Jeremy Dunlap of Wood County, a speaker for training and development, has penned a new book “Danny: The Virtues Within (What America Can Learn from Navy SEAL Danny Dietz)”. The recently released book is about the young life of Navy SEAL Danny Dietz of Colorado. In consultation with Danny’s parents, Dan Dietz and Cindy Dietz-Marsh, this book chronicles the life ...

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‘Lone Survivor’ Incident Could be Avoided with a Gadget


A time-release restraint device could help protect special operations troops from dangers like those encountered in 2005 on a mission in Afghanistan that resulted in the deaths of 19. Four Navy SEALs were discovered by goat herders, whom they questioned and released. The herdsmen alerted local insurgents, who ambushed the troops. A look at the Special Timer-Activated Restraint and Release ...

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The Strange Hate for “Lone Survivor”


The movie “Lone Survivor” didn’t get any Oscar nominations, but perhaps it should’ve been nominated for Most Unlikely Politically Incorrect Picture of the Year. It’s based on the true story of a mission in Afghanistan that goes disastrously wrong. A four-man team of Navy SEALs hunting down a Taliban commander is stumbled upon by a couple of goatherds in the ...

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